ARTICLE – Produce 101 Season 2 ‘Wink boy’ Park Jihoon, “The reversal of the little brother that we thought was young?”

‘Wink boy’ Park Jihoon’s charisma totally exploded on <Produce 101 Season 2>’s ‘Get Ugly’ performance.
In Mnet’s <Produce 101 Season 2> episode broadcasted on the 19th, the results for position evaluation was revealed. In particular, team ‘Get Ugly’ which composed of high-ranked trainees such as Park Jihoon, Kim Samuel, Kang Daniel, Ong Seongwu, Park Woojin and Ahn Hyungseob was highly anticipated.
Park Jihoon, who grabbed rank number one throughout the ranking through ‘wink boy,’ received a lot of attention. For the individual fancams that were released before the broadcast, his fancam, Kang Daniel’s and Kim Samuel’s kept fighting for the most views, making many headlines.
On the stage, Park Jihoon had shown a totally different image from his usual ‘wink boy’ image. When the song ‘Nayana’ was released, he gained a lot of popularity thanks to his refreshing image that matches his age. His popularity was especially big among teenagers.
He then showed another image when he took the center position in ‘Boy In Luv’ performance for the first mission. Even though he mostly showed his refreshing and full of aegyo side on broadcast, Park Jihoon was able to showcase the song’s rebellious concept well. As Park Jihoon always had ‘nano screentime,’ that image of him wasn’t shown on broadcast. that’s why to fans, the image in ‘Boy In Luv’ performance came off as a fresh shock.
In ‘Get Ugly’ performance, he transformed his image once again. This time, he attracted a lot of attention for the sexiness that wasn’t his age. From the beginning of the dance to his strong, intense movements, slightly biting his lips and the wave in the short part when he was the center, we can all feel his enchanting charisma.
Fans watching the video of the performance aren’t mostly teenagers, but female fans in their 20s in 30s, whose reactions were mostly that the performance had a lot of impact. “We can see a different image of Park Jihoon, who we thought was just young and cute,” this is the talk of national producers recently.
“This is a reversal of the little brother that we thought was young,” “he’s showing much more new charming points as time goes by,” “his level of attracting stan is the best but his screentime is such a pity,” “Park Jihoon who is working hard by himself” were comments left by netizens who watched the broadcast.

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