PANN – A story about Park Jihoon when he was in primary school

Original poster (OP) went to the same school as Jihoon and is two years younger than him. This story took place when OP was in 4th grade and Jihoon was in 6th grade.
At their school there were two places for students to change into slippers. OP changed into slippers but forgot to put them in her bag and just left. They eventually got lost and OP was scared because OP didn’t want to be nagged by her mom so she cried while looking around for them. Park Jihoon then helped OP out. There was one building at the back where the trash was put and Jihoon even went there to find the slippers for OP. Jihoon also went to a snack store in front of their school to buy sweets for OP and comforted OP when OP was crying.
OP added that even back then Jihoon was so handsome already.

Original post was deleted.

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