ARTICLE – ‘Graduation’ Wanna One Park Jihoon – Park Woojin “We’ll become even cooler”

Wanna One Park Jihoon and Park Woojin will be graduating on the same day and open up the twenties of “Pink Sausage unit.”


Park Jihoon and Park Woojin will attend their graduation ceremony at School of Performing Arts Seoul and Korean Arts High School respectively on the 8th and say their parting greetings with their friends after 3 years of high school.


Park Jihoon has shared with Ilgan Sports that, “I feel happy to graduate high school but I do also feel a bit regretful. The reason for me to be able to reach this point is the fans who have been liking us [Wanna One] and me, and it is thanks to them that I can graduate well with honor like this.” Additionally, “I have always wanted to show my gratitude. I will become the person who can become your light in the future, thank you!!”


Park Woojin said “Thank you to everyone who have congratulated on my graduation! I’m happy to graduate, however I think that as time goes by I will gradually start to miss school” and conveyed his regret about going to school. “Thank you to our homeroom teacher that have taken good care of us! I will show an even cooler image after graduating! Mom and dad, thank you I love you.”


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