ARTICLE – ‘Wanna One Go’ PD “The birth of unexpected units, Season 3’s point = chemistry that one can’t even imagine”

The hottest group among the music industry, ‘Nation-dol’ that was completed by national producers, 11 people with 11 colors, the group that people found the fun in choosing and liking them. The main character is Wanna One, who was formed from Mnet ‘Produce 101’ Season 2.


Wanna One who is receiving passionate love in their 2nd year. Wanna One with Kang Daniel as the center and made up by Park Jihoon, Ong Seongwoo, Lai Kuanlin, Yoon Jisung, Park Woojin, Hwang Minhyun, Kim Jaehwan, Lee Daehwi, Ha Sungwoon, Bae Jinyoung, are meeting their fans first through a reality show before their comeback on June.


Following ‘Wanna One Go’ Season 1 filled with debut’s behind moments and ‘Wanna One Go: ZERO base’ Season 2 which showed the member’s real image without any adjustment, Season 3 will be revealed on the 7th. This time, it’s ‘Wanna One Go: X-CON’.


OSEN has met with Kim Shinyoung PD and listened to stories relating to Season 3.


◆ “The unit that no one can even imagine of has been born.”


From Season 1 to Season 3, the person who has seen the boys from closest is Kim Shinyoung PD. Thanks to the fact that all 11 members’ charms are showed beautifully from 1 to 10, Wanna One fans have called [the show] “generous broadcast”.


“We focused on making the show fun for Season 1 and Season 2. We tried our best to deliver the members’ personalities. This time since there are recording activities, unit activities, we are a lot more careful and it’s a bit of a burden. We are feeling a lot more responsibility than ever. We prepared 5 episodes, and we make sure that watching each episode will be a lot of fun.”


In Season 3, the first unit project by Wanna One will be showed. Different from the first two seasons, we will be able to see the members’ musical talent one by one and their unit ‘chemistry’, the process of the collaboration and the plans on preparing for X-CON.


“We show the members’ real, bare face on Season 1 and 2. We tried our best to convey the real charisma. This time, we hope that you’ll watch it as a music variety show that leans towards the unit activities, collaboration with producers and X-CON more. The members put in a lot of their opinions for the unit songs and the stage performance, so you can expect to see images of the members working on music.”


Season 3 is subtitled X-CON. The reason for the use of the unknown quantity X is because it will show the members’ unit activity that is different from previous activities and is something that they haven’t shown before. Unit members making music together while preparing for the concert is the key points of Season 3.


“The unit members will be revealed at around half of the broadcast. Before that, ‘will it be okay with this member’, ‘I want to work with him’, those kinds of situations that one didn’t expect at all will be really funny. Members also made the unit name themselves. Coffee, Manhole, Nation’s Little Brother, those names (laugh). We will use the names that the fans voted for. More than anything, since an unit that no one can ever imagine of has been born, please look forward to it.”


Before deciding the final name for the units, Wanna One 11 members have made the name themselves and a poll was put up for fans to vote. The names Nambawan, The Heal, Coffee, Fathom, Just Dance, Only One, Like One, Triple Position, Lean On Me, Manhole, Nation’s Little Brother were put out anonymously and fans have participated in the vote from April 30th to May 6th on the homepage.


“The voting results will be revealed at the end of episode 1. Fans have voted for this without knowing which members will be in and which concept they are going for. After deciding the team, the name with the highest vote among the names that were put out by that team’s members will become the team’s name. Those are the names that the members innocently and really painstakingly made up. But seems like fans have known which member made up which name already (laugh).”


◆ “Wanna One, really pure and kind-hearted kids”


This ‘Wanna One Go’ season will be Kim Shinyoung PD’s first challenge in idol’s reality. He said that he really studied about Wanna One and watched ‘Produce 101’ Season 2. The burden of being assigned for the hottest idol is bigger than anything.


“I was taken aback by male idol’s reality (laugh). On the other hand, I’m also thankful. Since they have a lot of popularity and impact. My burden was also just as big. I lack a lot of experience personally and it was also these friends’ first time at reality so I was really worried, but they all treated me really well, more than I expected.”


“I studied a lot on the members’ history and background, also the nicknames that fans gave them. I also received education from the female writers. There was only one goal. For things will turn out well for these friends no matter what. While directing this series that has been going on for one and a half year, I wanted to make a program which will help the boys on their future days and will also be a program that fans enjoy.”


From Season 1 to Season 3, Kim Shinyoung PD has kept a close eye on Wanna One members. Throughout the interview, he has complimented the members, saying that they are boys who are bubbly and cheerful according to their age, they are are idols who take care of the staffs first.


“I still remember the first filming vividly. In order to showcase the boys’ real images, we filmed from as far as possible. Though they are not professionals at variety, they all showed their realest images. So pure and charming. To the point that 62 minute content can be extended to 80 minutes. There are so many funny scenes that we really thought a lot about which should be edited out. We wanted to include all members’ charms equally but the time is limited so it was a pity, we felt sorry as well.”


“They have such packed schedules but still participated in the filming really hard, I feel really thankful. The kids have a lot of affection so they approach the staff in a friendly way and depend on the staff a lot, unlike other celebrities. There are a lot of follow cameras but when they see our staff, they will greet first, initiate to talk first and even share food with us (laugh). Those are scenes that cannot be used on broadcast, but I’m really thankful. That’s the pureness that you can’t see in other celebrities.”


About the most memorable episode with the members while filming for Season 3, it was also a moment that shows Wanna One members’ thoughtful and warm personalities. The PD said, that’s why he wanted to keep working with Wanna One until their very last moment. ‘Wanna One Go’ production team and Wanna One have become a real family.


“We went to a mountain cabin once for the units’ date. They were given good lunch boxes and we were filming from afar, because we kept filming and couldn’t eat at all, Daniel didn’t eat much either. After the filming ended, he brought the lunch box to us and shared with us. Sungwoon also grilled pork belly and kept giving ssam [meat wrapped in lettuce] to us. I can say that we have really become a close family to one another.”


“Season 3 has 5 episodes until X-CON. Season 4, Season 5 are still unknown. But I want to bring it to a beautiful ending. Even when I don’t know what will happen. I’m always thankful towards the members. It must be similar to first experience or things like that, they opened their hearts and accepted it very well. They worked hard though they were tired. I want to convey my grateful heart to them.”


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