MAGAZINE – 1stLook Magazine Volume 147

Lovely. Cute and gentle face along with the refreshing smile, Park Jihoon who resembles a firm chestnut, he has a kind of charm that each of his actions attracts people’s attention to him. Even when he was posing seriously with his clear eye gaze, at the sound of a puppy coming to him, his eyes widened and he broke into a smile and seeing him like that, everyone was less tense and laughed along with him. You can sense his bare pureness without anything covered on it through his careful voice, as if it was about to break, asking to order choco shake after hesitating in front of the table full of coffee and coca cola. His own unrivaled presence that helped him capture the hearts of so many people only through one wink is always so distinct, everytime everywhere.


But to be honest, the thing that made us watch over Park Jihoon isn’t his perfect appearance or image, but rather his extraordinary attitude and the reversal charm that he has shown. From how he was looking at everything with his child-like but as soon as the shooting started, he hurriedly got to his position and how reliable he was when taking care of his colleague, his shy awkward smile, answering there was nothing so special when asked about his feelings turning 20 by the editor the second time, to his reassuring smile as if nothing has happened to the other person when they were worried over his fragile voice after continuous schedule, how he immediately erased his pureness and replaced it with his cold eye gaze when requested to show the manliness that would fit a grown-up even if he was a bit awkward, Park Jihoon’s true charms can be found. The tough innocent vibe which only reliable people can possess is the 20 year old Jihoon’s biggest weapon. Jihoon, who is not a boy anymore but not yet an adult, even possesses the cleverness to understand how to make use of this ‘good age’ that is only possible right now. “I’m always thinking and working hard so that people who like me now will not have anything to be disappointed of me and will like me even more and more.” is the reason why we do not just call him by the simply cute name ‘wink fairy’. His strength which isn’t shown off will continue to make people fall for him for a long time. His youth with his cherished maturity inside his innocence, Park Jihoon’s 20s may even shine more blindingly than right now.


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