MAGAZINE – High Cut Magazine Volume 216 / ‘Only One’

PM 12:12 Park Jihoon Bae Jinyoung step up

Park Jihoon and Bae Jinyoung were given a pen and A4 papers and were told to draw each other. Both were bewildered. Park Jihoon who said “This is hopeless”. Bae Jinyoung who bravely grabbed the pen and drew right away. The grotesque portrait which emphasized Park Jihoon’s sparkling eyes, sharp nose, clear philtrum and lips in an exaggerated manner was finished shortly after. In contrast, Park Jihoon was drawing Bae Jinyoung’s face shape really carefully and kept repeating “This is not it”. He finally finished his piece after wasting 3 sheets of A4 paper. Bae Jinyoung’s portrait was chosen to be the props for the photoshoot. Park Jihoon said. “Jinyoung-ah, is this me? Is this how you’ve been seeing me?” Jinyoung replied, “Ah~ hyung, you don’t know art? Haha”

PM 2:38 The long-awaited second group shot

It was the last shoot for the day and also the hardest one. The camera was placed on the ground and the members had to look down to it. Members who stood on chairs had to bend forward to show their faces between other faces according to the photographer and the reporter’s directions. Minhyun patted Woojin’s back, who said “this is not gonna be easy”. Daniel helped Sungwoon adjust his shirt. There was no member who asked “did my face come out?”, there were only members who asked “did I cover anyone’s face?”. After 10 minutes of doing the hard shoot, arms and legs of members who stood on the chairs started to shake. “Your hand won’t come out on the picture so just grab on my back”, “Lean on my shoulder, I can take it”….

Jinyoung supported Minhyun who started to lose his balance and fall with his body. Without anyone telling others to do it, everyone all shouted at the same time. “Let’s hold on for a bit more”, “Fighting!!”, “Let’s get it!!!”. It felt like a coming-of-age movie was unfold right in front of my eyes. “It’s a smiling one right? We should smile for this one right?”, along with the question, members put in their best efforts to smile. And lastly when they got the OK sign, the studio was filled with the cheering sound of the boys.


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