MISC – ‘Therefore’ Finale Concert

‘THEREFORE’ VCR – Re: Jihoon


Jaehwan: He’s a deer. He’s that one member that I still get surprised every time I look at him. He’s handsome to the point that I don’t get bored looking at him.


Woojin: Park Jihoon is like a phone to me. You always bring your phone with you wherever you go right. When you reach out for it but can’t hold it you’ll feel empty, and if you don’t see it you’ll end up looking for it, that kind of existence. As a friend, he has so many things in common with me, many things we can share with each other and also since he’s the same age as me, from the most trivial thing like games, playing together, eating to working out together, we match each other really well. I’m thankful to have him as a friend.


Minhyun: Ever since Produce 101, if there’s anything involved with voting, Jihoon would always place at the top of his ranking, I’m always thankful about that.


Jisung: He looks handsome in a pretty way but actually has a strong and reliable side to him, I think that’s a really good thing about him, since it’s his reversal charm.


Sungwoon: I really like to make my friends laugh, every time I make Jihoon laughs he always tells me that I am his role model. He has a kind and lovely boy, him liking me is lovely as well. He is a lovable brother in general.


Daniel: I think he played games with me even more than with his same age friend Woojin. When I’m not tired and Jihoon gets tired first, even I don’t tell him “let’s play games together,” he asks me to play with him before bed first because he knows that my mood will get better the next day. He’s the person who helps me with managing my thoughts the most during my time with Wanna One.


Seongwoo: Jihoon is the kind of friend who wants to go out, have a stroll and play around more than you’d think. Since he always stays home and plays game on our rest days so I thought he liked that. But when we tell Jihoon to go out with us, he seems to enjoy it a lot.


Daehwi: He’s a really big energy. Hyung have worked so hard to save everything into your heart for the last 1 year and a half. I hope our friendship will stay as it is right now unchanged and hope we can be friends for a long time.


Jinyoung: I’ve been practicing with him since the start so I think I have a lot of affection for Jihoon hyung. I didn’t have the chance to meet someone who matches my music style as much as him before. But his music preference is really similar to mine, and I really like our Park Jihoon who always seems to be looking at me. I hope you can become a Park Jihoon who is always really cool, really adorable and really lovely. You’ve worked hard.


Kuanlin: He’s like a best friend to me. We went to Chicago during the world tour and went downtown together. I was happy. I think the city Chicago looked so much more beautiful thanks to hyung.




To Wannable

Hello Wannables, this is Wanna One’s Jihoon who always wants to give you happiness.

While writing this letter, many emotions, many thoughts and many memories came up to my mind…

All the times that Wanna One and Wannables spent together are the times that treasure our countless memories, and though I want to create more memories, the small and precious group named Wanna One, who only look at Wannables, have a door called “farewell” set in front of us. We have no way but to pass by that door.

And right now at this very moment, as we have relied on each other until the end, I think it’s time for us to open the door. When the door is opened, we all will have to walk on different paths, though our ways are different, I will keep thinking that we will continue to rely on each other, believe each other and be together for life like this is how everything is supposed to be. I’m always thankful towards Wannables, and I will never forget the precious memories that Wannables gave me. All of those moments, I’m honored to be able to spend them with you.

And I want to express my gratitude to our representative, our directors, our managers who have worked so hard for us until the very last moment. I want to say thank you to all the staffs as well.

And grandma, dad, mom, hyung, thank you and I love you…

Lastly, our Wannables, I love you.

To all the people who have loved us and worked hard for us, I hope your future days will only be filled with peace and happiness.

Thank you, I love you.



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