GUIDE – COMPLETED! Fundraising for Park Jihoon’s solo album streaming

For the time being, the team has reached their goal and no more donation will be accepted.

Why should you donate?

  • As you have known, digital sales in Korea (including number of stream and download from online music sites) is important for weekly music shows as well as year end award shows. While it is vital that one streams constantly throughout the day, for chart longevity and higher rank on weekly, monthly and yearly charts, the number of IDs streaming the song is just as vital. In order to prepare for Park Jihoon’s solo debut, Park Jihoon streaming team (@parkjihoon_strm) has been creating IDs on various Korean music sites. However, all streaming sites require paid streaming passes. The money collected through fundraising will be used to buy streaming passes by the team, those IDs with streaming passes will then be passed onto the helpers to stream Jihoon’s songs ONLY.
  • There are also other ways for you to acquire a streaming pass on music sites, but according to Melon, the site can only count the results correctly for stream (and download) made IN KOREA. Melon themselves are not sure if streaming (and download) made overseas will be counted to the charts, which means when you don’t live in Korea, your stream might or might not be counted. That’s why rather than buying the streaming pass yourself, donating to the streaming team will be a better option as the stream (and download) will surely be counted to the charts.

How to donate?

If you live in Korea, send your donation to the team’s bank account – Woori Bank 1002-457-652943

If you live overseas, you can send your donation through Paypal to 

There is no minimum or maximum amount, so be free and donate as you can!

After sending your donation, make sure to take a screencap (or photo) of your complete transaction and fill in the form provided by the team

Since the form is in Korean, here are the information you have to fill in in the correct order:

  1. Depositor’s name
  2. Date of deposit
  3. Time of deposit
  4. Depositor’s bank (write down ‘Paypal’ if you donated through Paypal)
  5. Amount of deposit (write numbers only, if you made several donation, write down the total amount)
  6. Picture of transaction (make sure that it shows the fundraising bank account, your name and the amount of donation, please erase other information)
  7. E-mail (for the team to send out notice or confirmation mail)

That’s all! If you have any questions, you can ask me (through DM/curiouscat) or ask the streaming team directly through DM on their Twitter account @parkjihoon_strm

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