INTERVIEW – 대학내일 (Univ20) Volume 879


Just like everyone, I had my own college fantasy after graduating high school. Drinking together with my brothers when turning 20 was one of my fantasies, and I got to do it, luckily. Other than that, I have yet to realize my other fantasies like eating jjajangmyeon together with friends on the grass or travelling alone yet. I want to get close to my college friends and eat together often.


Meeting up with my college friends, talking about the performance test while walking around the school campus together, or analyzing the characters when a new work comes in and practicing together, those are my small happiness. Also, there are a lot of tasty restaurants in front of my school, I went to eat meat together with friends and even that made me happy. I can’t quite drink alcohol so I just go along with the atmosphere and drink slowly. My face gets red fast so… it’s a bit dangerous(?).


I don’t think there is much difference now that I’ve become the senior. When the juniors come, I want to work together with them, analyze the cinematic work together seriously in the practice class. Whether it’s about eating together, or game, or about schoolwork, please just approach me freely! Even though I will approach you as well. I hope we can grow close and work together. If you tell me what you want to eat, I will try to make time and treat you guys a meal some time!


To be honest, the class of 18 and the class of 19 aren’t too far from each other so I’m scared I’d become a cocky oldie if I said anything wrong (laughs). I think the only words I can say to them are encouragement. I hope everyone can do their own jobs diligently while step by step making their dreams come true. Hope you all with meet good people, regardless of whether they are your seniors or your friends, get close with them and have an enjoyable college life. I will support you as well. Fighting!

[T/N: In Korea, ‘the class of 18’ = the class that starts college in the year of 2018]


On my freer days when I have no schedule, as soon as I wake up, I’d play table tennis with my dad, go on a walk with Max, or play computer games. My way of relieving stress is through games or working out. I practice card magic [magic trick with cards] which I picked up recently as well. I’m still a little chick trainee at this though (laughs). Also, playing with Max, and thinking about Mays!


Our Max really likes food! Max’s killer technique is looking at people with his sorrowful eyes (laughs). He has that kind technique that makes people can’t help but have to give him snacks. And he now knows to seat when I say “sit”! He has quite a lot of aegyo, and likes it when people touch his belly or give him pecks.


I plan to work hard in order to meet both fans in Korea and outside of Korea so please look forward to me. Aside from that I want to practice acting more diligently and meet you through various works. As college student Park Jihoon, I want to talk more to school’s professors and friends and build up our friendship while attending school.

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