MISC – 190301 Taiwan Fan Meeting Press Conference

PJH: Hello, this is Park Jihoon.

MC: Do you think that you’re good at Chinese?

PJH: I’ll try my best to study more

MC: Please learn more Chinese and come to Taiwan often

PJH: Of course. I’ll work hard to do so

MC: You’re still in your youth. You’re here in Taiwan by yourself for the first time, how do you feel?

PJH: It’s an honor for me to be able to hold my first overseas fanmeeting in Taiwan. I’m happy and nervous at the same time. I’ve prepared a lot so please look forward to the fanmeeting.

MC: The stage must feel bigger to you now that you’re alone.

PJH: Since I was promoting with a group before pursuing solo activities, it does feel a bit lonely, but I believe that I can do it by myself and I’m trying hard not to have negative thoughts

MC: You’re meeting Taiwanese May soon. Can you reveal the surprise that you’ve prepared for here?

PJH: I can’t really let you guys know. Please come to the fanmeeting tomorrow and check out for yourselves

MC: You must have prepared a lot of great things right?

PJH: I’ve prepared an event that will surprise you greatly

MC: Is there any special guest for tomorrow?

PJH: No matter what, I think that the special guest is still “me.” I will try my best for the fanmeeting

MC: So the 12th member cannot come?

PJH: It’s a pity but our 12th member Max can’t make it for tomorrow

MC: Won’t Max be lonely being home by himself?

PJH: That’s why before I came here, I played with him, fed him some snacks, hugged and pet him a lot

MC: If the chance comes, I hope Max can come and play in Taiwan.

PJH: I got it

MC: Can we see your abs tomorrow?

PJH: Ah that~ Don’t we have to wait till tomorrow to see?

MC: You’re really amazing for creating those abs

PJH: I worked hard for them

MC: But there must have been a lot of difficulties in the process

PJH: I have a bit more fat, so I focused on aerobic exercises. Those sweats that ran down from my work… It’s a pity but I think the abs that the fans love won’t come out tomorrow

MC: Some fans are saying that they miss those days when your abs were still one

PJH: Ah my old stomach?

MC: They say that 6 are too far apart, they want to try touching the old one-packed one.

PJH: But since I have a promise with fans, I tried my best to fulfill my promise

MC: So the abs will stay?

PJH: Yes. I will work hard in order to make even more defined abs in the future

MC: You’re working on your solo album. How is the preparation process going?

PJH: We’re almost done with recording, I’m currently talking with the producers to fix the parts that need to be edited. I’m also preparing for the choreography and the music video has been filmed. I’m putting my all into preparing.

MC: I heard that you filmed your music video in Europe?

PJH: The filming took place in Prague, the feeling is indeed different

MC: The production fee for overseas filming is higher than usual, the company seems to be treating you well

PJH: Yes, I want to express my gratitude to the company staffs for working so hard

MC: That also means you’ll work harder in the future?

PJH: Of course

MC: Your first music video was shot in Prague, where do you want to go for the next music video?

PJH: I have a country that I personally really like, it’s Russia. I hope I’ll have the chance to go to Russia and shoot a music video. I also want to try filming in Taiwan. Taiwanese culture has a lot of similarities with Korean one. That’s why I think the music video would be pretty if it was filmed in Taiwan.

MC: If you come to Taiwan to shoot your music video, a lot of fans would volunteer to become the female lead in the video

PJH: Thank you

MC: Will there be any Wanna One member’s featuring or participation in your solo album? I heard that the song ‘Young 20’ that Daehwi composed will be in the album

PJH: Yes, that’s right. Daehwi and me are both happy because the fans enjoyed the song composer Daehwi wrote so much. We prepared the album with positive feelings

MC: Is there any part of the album that Jihoon participated in?

PJH: I wrote the lyrics for the rap part in ‘Young 20’. I gathered together beautiful words in order to convey my message of wanting to be with my fans for life.

MC: You’re really cute with a lot of aegyo. Can you show your trending phrase to the reporters that are working without rest here?

PJH: Of course. Save you in my heart~! Kkukkukkakka. You’re all mine~

MC: Encore!

PJH: Kkukkukkakka. Save you in my heart~! Ah it’s a lot of fun.

MC: The reporters are saying that they are surprised to see your aegyo in real life

PJH: Ah really? I want to see MC try doing it once too. If it doesn’t bother you. I’ll be cheering for you from the side

MC: Can you teach me how? Save you in my heart~

PJH: You’re good at this though?

MC: I hope you’re not uncomfortable because I did it

PJH: Of course not. You really did it well.

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