GUIDE – Naver articles’ comments

When you see positive news articles about Park Jihoon on Naver – especially the ones that are shared a lot on Twitter/DC Gallery by other Korean fans, here are the things you can do to make sure those articles are seen by Korean general public as well!

  1. Log into Naver, you can log in through Facebook or Line. Or sign up if you don’t have an account yet.

2. Click ‘좋아요’ (Like) and ‘이 기사를 모바일 메인으로 추천’ (Recommend to Naver’s main page)

3. Leave comments below the article including 박지훈

Down here is a list of sample comments you can use. For more suggestions, please direct them to my twitter (@0529percent) or my curiouscat ( I’ll continue to update this list (twice a month hopefully).

  • 박지훈 잘생겼다 (PJH is handsome)
  • 박지훈 미모 실화예요? (Is PJH’s visual real?)
  • 박지훈 사람 아니고 요정이죠 (PJH is not human but a fairy right)
  • 메이들이 박지훈을 맥스로 사랑해요! 세상에 제일 아름다운 꽃처럼 예쁘게 피우자 (Mays love PJH to the max! Let’s bloom like the most beautiful flower)
  • 메이들이 항상 옆에 있을게요. 박지훈 꽃길만 걷자 (Mays will always be by your side. PJH let’s walk on the flower road only)
  • 함께 쌓아왔던 추억들을 잊지 않겠다고 네 번째 손가락에 약속해요. 박지훈의 존재로 세상을 밝히자. (I promise on my 4th finger that I’ll never forget our memories. Let’s brighten up the world by your existence PJH)
  • 박지훈의 팬이 되는거 후회한 적 없어요. 뿌듯하고 평생 사랑할게요 (I’ve never regretted becoming PJH’s fan. I’m proud of you and will love you forever)
  • 귀여운 것도 하고 잘생긴 것도 하고 멋있는 것도 하고 박지훈 다 하네요 (From being cute to being handsome and cool, PJH is doing everything)

That’s all! Please try your best for Jihoonie and as always, feel free to contact me if you have any questions.

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