INTERVIEW – Weekly Gonggam

Park Jihoon’s Interview as the Ambassador for Climate Change

Q: After having been appointed as the Ambassador, is there any change in your behavior or thoughts [regarding climate change]?

A: When drinking coffee or other drinks, I try to use tumblers when I can. When using the air conditioner inside the car, I also set it to a moderate temperature; and I try not to use plastic bags at the convenience stores or supermarkets.

Q: Are you usually interested in matters about climate change?

A: I have seen posts about animals losing their natural habitats due to climate change on SNS. It pained me. Bees, coral reefs or whales are all struggling for survival from change of climate. I think we have to raise our awareness on the damage we have done to the environment by disturbing the balance of nature. I’m also concerned about what we have to do to revive the environment.

Q: What kind of activities we can expect from you as the Ambassador?

A: As the Ambassador, I thought I should take action for the environment, so recently at my birthday party, we produced tumblers as merchandise. The fans loved it a lot.

Q: What do you expect from the people as the Ambassador?

A: If everyone can pay more attention to do small actions in their daily lives like refraining from using disposable goods, using public transportation more or setting the air conditioner temperature moderately, we can stop climate change. I hope everyone will take more interest into this matter and I as the Ambassador will work harder as well.

Q: I felt the responsibility from you as the Ambassador. When you see people changing because of your influence, how do you feel?

A: I participated in the lights out event for Earth’s Day on April 22nd; a lot of fans followed me and participated in the event as well. Many actively joined in the quiz show on Jamlive also, that makes me feel really happy and proud.

Q: How was the filming for the public advertisement on green low-carbon life? Aside from the four rules [in the advertisement], is there any other rule that we should follow [to achieve the green low-carbon life]?

A: Since it’s the summer, I’ve recently taken interest on the ‘쿨맵시 [dress coolly]’ campaign. I like it because it’s not hard to do, it’s easy to wear light clothes in the hot weather of summer. As you wear light clothes, the sensible temperature will be lowered. If you keep the temperature of the air conditioner at a moderate range, we can cut down on greenhouse gas use. No matter whether you intentionally do it or not, it’s still a campaign where you can do good things for the Earth.

Q: You said before that you wanted to go on vacation with your mom. Is there any place you want to recommend?

A: I had a lot of overseas schedule before so I didn’t have the chance to travel inside Korea. If I have the time, I want to go on a trip inside of the country with mom to see the scenery and try the tasty seasonal food. On my trip, I will refrain from using disposable goods and try to use public transportation. It will be an eco-friendly trip.

Q: What kind of campaign is the SOS climate change campaign ‘Save my earth’ by the Ministry of Environment?

A: SOS is the Morse code for emergencies and disasters. Based on that, the campaign emphasizes the severity of climate change. The concept is to raise awareness of the practice of green low-carbon lifestyle and Earth’s Day as well as the know-hows to beat the heat of summer; we are also doing other campaigns like 쿨맵시 [dress coolly], or eco-friendly travelling. The campaign will go on for one year and continue with the 온맵시 [dress warmly] campaign and tips to withstand the cold in the winter.


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