INTERVIEW – Hanteo News

Park Jihoon, standing high as a solo artist with various charms!

Q: You released your first album O’CLOCK on March 27th. The album ranked number 1 on Hanteo chart for the fifth of March. You even won number 1 cup on several music shows. How did you feel when you got number 1 on charts or music shows as a solo?

A: I was able to do the promotion for my first album with a lot of fun thanks to the fans’ support and love for the album. I want to say that I’m thankful of them and I love them so much.

Q: How did you feel when you first performed on national TV as a solo artist?

A: I felt so fluttered since I could see my fans, and I wanted to complete my stage as well as possible! I was happy that everyone looked over me prettily!

Q: After the release of the first album, when is the most memorable moment for you?

A: It was right before the album release! I didn’t know what fans would think about the album and my heart was beating so fast. That moment was the most memorable for me.

Q: Among all the support fans put toward your album, which was the most memorable for you?

A: From my first solo showcase, my birthday party to the performance on national TV, fans all sang along with the song and supported me a lot, so everything during the promotion period was memorable to me. I couldn’t tell this to each and every of the fans, but I want to say “thank you” to everyone!

Q: What are you interested in these days? Please tell us about your whereabouts.

A: Recently I’ve been focusing on filming for my upcoming drama.

Q: As you’ve said you’re focusing on acting these days, how would “actor Park Jihoon” be different from “singer Park Jihoon”?

A: I think that there are certain differences between acting on the stage and acting in a drama. I couldn’t tell you exactly what those differences are now, but I’ll work hard to show the sides of me that I couldn’t show before and even newer sides of me. I hope you can watch over me prettily.

Q: If you were to rate “Park Jihoon” of the first half of 2019 in one sentence, what would it be? And what would be the reason for that?

A: I’ll go with the word “sprout.” After group activities, it was my first time doing solo activities and preparing an album all by myself. There were so many things that I got to try for the first time. For the sprout to grow well, please give me a lot of support and anticipate my future activities.

Q: Aside from acting and music, is there any field you want to challenge yourself at?

A: I want to try my best at the chances that I’ve been given first. I’ll challenge myself at other fields later when my horizon has been broadened.

Q: Is there any special place or country that you want to hold a concert in?

A: No matter where the place is, as long as the fans who have given me love are there, I want to go see them and perform in front of them!

Q: Your album O’CLOCK sold over 100,000 copies only in the first half of 2019. Do you usually check the chart rankings? Please tell us your future goals.

A: Rather than just results, I’m happy enough with being able to do activities for a long time and showcase my best image. Even though I still lack a lot, thank you for always giving me lots of love. May ♥


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