ARTICLE – ‘Wanna One’ with 11 shining stars, disbandment after final album promotion

Wanna One who are preparing for their farewell, new album to be released on November 19th… When will the final group activity be?


There are high possibilities for a mini album with 4~5 songs, interest on whether they could set up a new record on physical album sales

Next year January award ceremonies – Finishing final activities – Decided on going back to the original team or re-debut


The group Wanna One will disband after ending promotion for their final album, which will be released on November 19th. As Wanna One is a project group which is set to end on December 31st, this will be the last album to be released under the name Wanna One. However, since there are award ceremonies that will be held in January next year, there were opinions for the group to extend their contract until January, it has been decided that activities would be done based on each member’s own situation.


According to many insiders on the 3rd, after Swing Entertainment and members’ original agencies had gathered together and discussed for several times, the decision is that for some members, they will only participate in official activities until December 31st.


About award ceremonies that will be held next year January, rather than to extend their activities for one month, it’s more in the meaning of ending their music activities so Wanna One will be attending those ceremonies.


One insider said, “it’s the decision made after considering opinions from members, their agencies and fans. Some members will only be attending award ceremonies, some will also participate in other events that have been decided beforehand. After that, all activities will come to an end.”


For some members who will only attend award ceremonies, they will go back to their original agency and start preparing for a new image. As some members were already in a group before joining ‘Produce 101’ Season 2, they will participate in activities that match their own concept. Members who aren’t in any group have also decided to promote according to their current situation, like debuting in a new idol group.


Wanna One as a project group will end according to their decided date, but ever since ‘Produce 101’ Season 2 started to air last year April, they have shook the entertainment world. From selling out 20,000 seats in Gocheok Sky Dome for their debut stage, getting No. 1 spot on music sites and music shows to dominating the advertising industry and so on, they have shown great strength in the domestic idol market.


Exceeding the limitations of being a project group, Wanna One have sold more than 1 million albums for their released albums. Many are interested in if they will be able to break the records they have set up before thanks to fans’ expectation and regrets. The detailed information about the album hasn’t been publicized yet but there are high possibilities for a mini album with 4~5 songs included.


With the release of their new album coming close, Wanna One have reduced the amount of schedules after their world tour ended in September and are in their quiet resting phase in order to prepare for a ‘splendid firework.’


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