INTERVIEW – V-Exclusive / Wanna One “Want to go on a vacation to Vietnam with members, need a healing vacation” (Park Jihoon, Kang Daniel & Park Woojin excerpts)

You guys went to Vietnam for MAMA but if you come back, what will you do.


(Park Woojin) Before I debuted, I went to Vietnam, went canoeing there and had a really enjoyable time. I want to go canoeing again with the members.


(Park Jihoon) I want to visit Vietnam again, not for a performance but for vacation. Since I barely have any chance to go on a vacation with members outside of our schedule.


August 7th is Wanna One’s one year debut anniversary.


(Kang Daniel) I was able to do all the things I have dreamed of in the last one year. To be able to experience things that I couldn’t even imagine of with the members, it is all thanks to Wannables. It was the most meaningful one year in my life. I want to work my hardest as Wanna One as long as the time permits.


(Park Woojin) One year passed by in a flash. I started to think that time is indeed fast. I do have some regrets but since I’m gathering many memories with members and fans, I feel good.


(Park Jihoon) I think that we really grew closer as members and at the same time, matured a lot in terms of skills. Though we are still considered as rookies, if we were somehow fresh right after debut, we are much more mature now. We’re always spending our time happily.


Recently if there is a moment that made you think ‘Ah I’m receiving this much love.’


(Park Woojin) When I see that we got a good ranking on the charts despite being rookies, or when we appeared on broadcast and our names popped up in the real time search, I always get surprised and feel thankful. I’m thankful that [fans/public] give us a lot interest every time.


(Park Jihoon) I bring my laptop with me when I travel abroad. I use it to play games sometimes but I also use it to have a closer look to the posts and comments on our official fancafe. Because it can be slow using a phone. Cheering for our performance on stage or liking the pictures that we post on fancafe, I’m thankful for all.


(Kang Daniel) I tend to go to our fancafe, after a concert or event, there are a lot of posts saying that Wanna One ‘have worked hard.’ I haven’t really heard the sentence ‘you’ve worked hard’ many times before in my life, so I feel really thankful reading those posts and think that ‘I’m really receiving so much.’ (You’ve worked hard to give us a good answer) Thank you. Haha.


After Wanna One debuted, have you watched ‘Produce 101 Season 2’ again.


(Kang Daniel) Rather than the broadcast, I rewatch the performance more often and have the thought that ‘my skills really got better than back then.’ Back then I didn’t know to look at the camera, I didn’t know about the existence of in-ear either and just wore my earphones upside-down. Haha. It was the hardest time in my life but was also very fun. (Why was it hard?) After moving into the dormitory, I stayed up for three nights in a row.


(Park Woojin) During ‘Nayana’ we stayed up all night and everything was hard but there were still funny stories. When someone gave me even a choco bar, I would run over, take it and eat it right away. We had to make a performance in three days and now that I think of it again I really want to ask myself ‘how was I able to do that many performances.’ When looking at me being sick back then I want to ask ‘how did I come through that.’ as well.


(Park Jihoon) There were a lot of embarrassing moments but I think it’ll be fun to watch the show again. It was hard, but sometimes I do miss those days. (So…?) Of course I don’t want to go back to that time. Haha.


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