INTERVIEW – ‘Just So We Won’t Forget’ Photo Essay Part 1

Q: When you went up the stage for <Produce 101 Season 2>’s last stage, how did you feel?

A: While getting closer to the last stage, the change in ranking every week was so big that I barely had any confidence that I would debut. I went up to the stage with the thoughts that, I could get eliminated here, this could be my last. Maybe it is because of that nervousness that it remains as the stage I remember the most among all the stages I have done.


Q: I’m curious about your feelings during Wanna One Premium Show-con.

A: I was as nervous as <Produce 101 Season 2> last stage. But on the other hand I enjoyed it a lot. We got to show ourselves for the first time there. It was also officially the first day together of us Wanna One and Wannable.


Q: What do you think is the most important thing when performing?

A: To me ‘how do I look’ is a really vital part when performing. That’s why I pay attention to every details on facial expression. How I should crinkle my eyes, how the corners of my mouth should go up, those kinds of things. I also try to make contact with people coming to the concert venue.


Q: We could see your effort in communicating with fans ever since <Produce 101 Season 2>. Like “Save you in my heart” that made the whole Korea shake their shoulders up and down, where do you get ideas for things like that from?

A: At first, there were more people who didn’t know me than people who did. I thought a lot about how to make people know about the name Park Jihoon. I tried to make trending phrases and also studied a lot on how to come out well in front of the camera. I search around a lot on the Internet, I learnt a lot of there. I didn’t let go of the things that fans wanted and looked forward to at me and worked hard to find it. Also, my personality is the kind that, when I see them [chances], I get a strong will that I have to do it.  think that’s how I made a trending phrase.


Q: Is there another trending phrase that you’re preparing for?

A: Since the fans really like it, I’m always working on it [a new phrase]. When it’s done, I’ll show it to you guys. Please look forward to it.


Q: What do you think it’s your special charming point?

A: As many people have said it before, my eyes? My eyes seem to be really charming. (embarrassed) It feels like awkward saying it with my own mouth.


Q: How do you feel about escaping from ‘underage team’ and becoming an adult this year? Is there any specific change?

A: To be honest there isn’t any concrete change. Becoming an adult isn’t that big of a thing. Because everyone will get older and will eventually become an adult. I feel like rather than becoming an adult, what kind of thoughts you bring with you is more important. Other members who are younger than me are also really mature.


Q: What is Park Jihoon like when resting?

A: I enjoy playing games. I also read books when I have time. Keigo Higashino’s <Miracles of the Namiya General Store> is a book I read that left a really deep impression on me. I really like that book.


Q: If you can give Wannable a gift, what do you want to give?

A: Rather than the value of the gift, I think that relaying the giving person’s heart is more important. With that meaning, I want to give my heart. If I have to say in which shape… Hm, I’ll give myself away.


Q: Lastly, please say something to Wannable.

A: It has been half a year together with Wannable before we even know it. Wannable and Wanna One have passed the starting phase, it’s now the phase that we become one and lead one another. We will work hard to become a Wanna One that will put in efforts to show new images and never changes.


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