INTERVIEW – Bugs Music Post

Q: Your solo album has been released! What kind of story you tried to convey through the album this time?

A: Yes my solo album [O’CLOCK] has been released! With ‘love’ as the main theme, I tried to express the feeling of pureness, joy, passion and even more through the album.

Q: Prague was selected as the location for the MV filming, is there a reason for that? Is there any special episode related to the location?

A: In the music video, my character is someone who lives an immortal life. Now that I mentioned “immortal life,” it makes you think of a vampire. The origin of vampires is said to be in East Europe, so we filmed the MV in Czech to give out that East European atmosphere! I worked hard for the MV filming, so please watch the MV a lot~!!! And rather than having an episode, it’s a really beautiful place so it was a healing trip for me.

Q: When you travel for a long time and have to leave the house, I wonder how Max would be like.

A: When I’m not with Max, my parents will be with him. My parents said if I’m not home for a long time, Max would come to the door and wait for me. When I come home, Max runs towards me and I hug him, that makes me happy.

Q: After the solo album, you’ll start filming for your drama soon as well. As acting is an activity that your fans have always looked forward to, what kind of image you want to show to the public?

A: Rather than a Park Jihoon who is limited to one role only, I want to show myself as a Park Jihoon who can pull off various roles.

Q: You have earned many nicknames such as ‘face genius’, ‘master of aegyo’, ‘wink-op’, ‘wink-ging’, is there any nickname you want to earn aside from these?

A: I want people to call me as ‘acting genius’. When people call me a genius in one field, I’d feel like I have been recognized, so I feel really good when hearing those compliments. As acting is a field at which I finally challenge myself again after a long time, I want to hear people calling me ‘acting genius’.

Q: When you look at Mays who always look after you, what kind of feelings do you have?

A: I’m always thankful. Mays are my pride as well as my motivation. I feel like I have to work even harder in order to show a better image of myself to Mays, who have been giving me a lot of love.

Q: Please leave some words to your fans.

A: Hello, this is Park Jihoon. I’ve finally had the chance to greet you through my first mini album [O’CLOCK]. Even though it may be a bit awkward to greet you as solo singer Park Jihoon, I’ve been working diligently to show you more various sides of me that I couldn’t show before, so please look forward to it. Thank you!

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