INTERVIEW – ‘Thank you, for all the moments we’ve been together’ Photo Essay Part 2

Too great of a memory,

I think this will become a memory

that lasts for life.

Park Jihoon

Q. Not so long ago you have had a new family member, puppy Max. Has anything changed after having this new family member?

Yes. Firstly, to be able to raise a puppy, to raise Max is… I feel really happy. I couldn’t raise a puppy before due to personal reasons. But after moving, I was able to have a puppy, I asked my parents for permission and brought Max home. It was good to meet pretty Max, and if there were anything that changed after I got Max, then it must be my daily life? My daily routine changed. Recently, my every day is all just Max. I want to buy him dog snacks but people say that since he’s too young, he can’t eat dog snacks yet. They say he has to be older than 5 months old or has to complete all the vaccination first to have dog snacks. So I’m feeding him a lot of dog food right now. My phone wallpaper is puppy too. Every day before bed I would take pictures of him, take selca together and even give him pecks.  Q. Max doesn’t push you away?  Luckily Max follows me really well. No matter how I scold him or give him punishments, he will lick my hands like trying to say “I know you love me regardless.” I kind of feel his heart. That’s why I feel thankful, and happy because I get to feel that now I have a new family member. Park Max.

Q. Park Jihoon who turned 20 this year, what did it feel like comparing to the age of 20 you imagined?

The age of 20 that I imagined. Now that I have become 20, it’s different [from what I thought]. A lot say that 20 is the age of youth right. You get your freedom, and you get to socialize with friends while going to university… I think the majority spend their 20 like that, but as I spend my 20 working as a singer, I couldn’t get as much time for myself. Since rather than taking care of my personal life, I have to focus on bringing satisfaction to many fans as a singer. But it’s not like I regret it. But it’s a pity? It leaves some to be desired right.

[T/N: The word Jihoon used here is ‘아쉽다’ which can’t be translated to English correctly, but it means “a sad feeling because something needed is lacking”]

Q. You’re the one who created the trending phrases like ‘save in my heart’ or ‘kkukku-kkakka.’ Do you usually take the lead to create new catchphrases among the members too?

I do think so. When I talk to other members and interesting phrases come out, they follow me and we grow to use the phrases often.  Q. Is there any new catchphrase that you’re pushing?  It’s not like I can make one catchphrase a week right. (laugh)

Q. You’re always making headline with your beautiful face. Do you have any method to manage your look?

To be honest, I don’t use face masks that often. I do masks like once every 3 to 4 days, but my skin is on the sensitive side, so doing masks often would dry out my skin even more. So I don’t leave the mask on for long. I try my best to avoid carbohydrate or flour-based food. I also work out a lot and sweat a lot.

Q. Not long ago, you said in an interview that ‘Produce 101 (Season 2)’ is your life turning point. Is there a turning point during your time with Wanna One?

Firstly, going on ‘Produce 101 (Season 2)’ is the reason my life changed, so I think that it would obviously be the turning point. Hm. But a turning point during the time with Wanna One? I don’t really know. Isn’t being active under the name ‘Wanna One’ a turning point itself already?

Q. Among countless stages, there must be one memorable performance right?

Honestly, while doing the world tour, no matter which country we were at, I could always feel the fans’ love towards us. I feel really thankful and happy at that. This is totally different from just hearing about it from the Internet or coming to the place just to confirm it. Through the world tour, I got to know that a lot of people are giving us so much love. Just that makes me feel so thankful. It became the motivation for us to work even harder. That’s what makes all the stages during the world tour so memorable to me.

Q. How would you want Wanna One’s first full-length album to be remembered in the future?

As this is our first album, I hope that many people could enjoy the album and give it a lot of love. I also hope that we can become some kind of help to someone else. Even right now, many fans are showing us that kind of thinking in the form of love. It would be good if people can receive more strength from us, and if there are more and more people like that. I hope people can listen to our album, think, “Ah, so Wanna One have these members, and this member has this kind of strengths,” recognize all 11 members and remember us.

Q. If you could turn back time, which album promotion would you go back to?

The start of Wanna One’s promotion? I want to go back to ‘Energetic’ era. I started to think, what if I worked out harder and managed myself better back then. More than anything, it was a bit hard as it was the start, but now that I think about it, there were things that I could have worked harder on and it was a bit of a pity.

Q. Is there anything you want to be better at?

My vocal. I want to practice and raise my vocal skills. I used to listen to a lot of Korean senior artists’ songs and practice to them, like Bobby Kim, Crush, Yang Dail, I listen to a lot of them. But someday, Jaehwan hyung told me something. He said that it is natural to practice to Korean artists’ songs, but listening to overseas singers can also be a big help in finding the feelings. So recently I’ve been listening to overseas R&B artists a lot.

Q. Since you mentioned other members. If you can convey a 5-word message to one member?

I’ll do for Daehwi.

You will be happy!

Q. Is there anything you think of as ‘I did this thing really well’?

Is becoming Wanna One too normal? But I regard me not giving up on myself, going on ‘Produce 101 (Season 2)’ and becoming a member of Wanna One as a pride. Since we became a team of one, a group of one. It is a huge honor for me. Even though I keep asking myself when will I be able to enjoy a happiness like this again, it is too great of a memory, I think it will become a memory that lasts for life.

Q. Park Jihoon’s MY SONG?

The song I choose for Wanna One’s My Song is ‘Beautiful’! We are all beautiful.

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